Over seven years ago, Harvest Community Church, where my family and I were members at the time, was looking to expand into a new building and needed additional funds to start its purchase.  The pastor mentioned to the congregation that each of us have talents that can be used to help provide funds for this particular project.  


In his message, he reminded us about a story that comes from the Bible, 

Matthew 25: 14-30, where a man traveling entrusted his money with three of his workers.  Upon his return, he was most encouraged and pleased by the workers who used their talents and what they were given most wisely.  


It was this day, with the support of my wife, that the Lord encouraged me to just START this

T-Shirt company you have thought about for years and help others brighten the world... one MOMENT... one T-shirt at a time!


For the first three months of 2020, 2 Second T-Shirt Co. will be giving back 10% of its profits to Harvest Community Church 

where one Sunday message helped to encourage the launch of 

2 Second T-Shirt Co.  


2 Second T-Shirt Co. will also continue its mission of giving back, and we look forward to sharing those organizations that will benefit in 2020 soon!